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  1. 凪-nagi- [Instrumental Version]
    Artist: Ray
    Series: released together with the 2nd NagiAsu opening 「ebb and flow」
  2. Omake-Pfadlib
    Composer: Sawano Hiroyuki
    Series: Shingeki no Kyojin OST I
  3. 花の咲く場所 - Where the Flowers Bloom
    Artist: Imai Asami
    Series: Corpse Party Book of Shadows opening
  4. 真夜中の逃亡 - Midnight Escape
    Artist: Ootsubo Yuka
    Series: Akuma no Riddle, Banba’s character song
  5. いつも傍らに - Always by your side
    Composer: Yoshimori Makoto
    Series: Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou OST
  6. Ri-body-Ki-motion
    Composer: Sawano Hiroyuki
    Series: Shingeki no Kyojin OST I
  7. And I’m Home
    Artists: Nonaka Ai and Kitamura Eri
  8. 進撃 vn-pf20130524 巨人
    Composer: Sawano Hiroyuki
    Series: Shingeki no Kyojin OST II
  9. Kyo female - area 9
    Composer: Sawano Hiroyuki
    Series: Shingeki no Kyojin OST I
  10. 約束 [TV Version] - Yakusoku
    Artists: All idols from 765 Pro, but mostly Chihaya (a.k.a. Imai Asami) <3
    Series: The Idolmaster Episode 20 ;_;

Now…what does this tell about me? xDDD that 99% of my music is Japanese and that I have way too much SnK on my laptop

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Corpse Party Chapter 5

Continuing from [Summary Chapter 4]

This is a rather short chapter. More and more people fall victim to the black sun and kill themselves/become evil. Satoshi and Naomi are attacked by dark creatures, but Kuon-sensei saves them. Thanks to her company’s research, Kuon now knows where Aiko, Yoshiki and Ayumi are and how to get to Heavenly Host. The three of them go to Heavenly Host together.

  • Kuon-sensei is separated from Satoshi and Naomi. After some flirting between Naomi and Satoshi (poor Seiko ;_;), they reunite with Kuon-sensei who promises to protect them at all costs. But Kuon-sensei does not seem to be feeling very well, she vomits a little and suddenly, Sachi is standing in front of them. Kuon tells them to ignore Sachi because she can’t do anything as long as they don’t “connect” with her. They leave and Sachi seems to be very pissed off.
  • Yuka and Satsuki have a day off from school. Misuto appears and tells Yuka her brother is at Heavenly Host (Misuto I hate you, go die already). Satsuki refuses to let Yuka go alone with Misuto and warns Misuto that if he does something to Yuka, she will bite him to death (you go, girl!)
  • Sachi follows Kuon, Satoshi and Naomi and tries to trap them by imitating Ayumi’s voice. Thanks to Kuon-sensei, they evade the trap. Naomi hugs Kuon-sensei and tells her not to be reckless. They later bump into Yoshiki.

It seems like some phone straps were made for each other *coughyumikurisashaconniejeanmarco*


and why does Levy get more merchandise than the others again

IPS technology makes it possible.
sorry for the silly doodle /lies down

IPS technology makes it possible.

sorry for the silly doodle /lies down


Track 6 from Corpse Party: Blood Drive


Track 7 from the Corpse Party Blood Drive OST


Track 9 from the Corpse Party Blood Drive 

Corpse Party Chapter 4

Continuing from [Summary Chapter 3]

Ayumi regrets going to Heavenly Host and receives a call from Misuto.

  • Misuto says the “nehan“‘s (涅槃) core is hidden somewhere and that its power is similar to the power of the book of shadows. She just needs to find the core to revive her friends. Misuto also points out that the girl-like creature with the axt only came into being because Ayumi brought back something from Shinozaki Makina’s house (the teeth). The girl is a foetus that died inside of Yoshie. She was then absorbed by foetus Sachiko who was together with her. They call her “Sachi”. Sachi’s spirit was never exorcised from the real world and because Ayumi brought her teeth to Heavenly Host (it is not clear how the “teeth” of an unborn baby could be found by Ayumi), Sachi absorbed energy from the “nehan” and took on a physical form. She is pure evil and does not have reason like Sachiko.
  • According to Misuto, Sachi keeps absorbing the nehan’s power, causing the nehan’s walls (which are serving as a border between the real world and this dimension) to crumble. Ayumi is visibly shocked. Misuto asks her what it feels like to be the cause of this impending catastrophe. (Cue some more crying and screaming from Ayumi)
  • Misuto tells her they need to use the nehan’s power to stop Sachi. He says the nehan’s foundation consists of six pillars called the “Rokkimon Pillars” (六鬼門の柱). Although they are called pillars, their form varies. The six pillars can be found in the north, north-east, north-west, south-east, south-west and south of the school. The power sealed within a pillar is kind of weak, so Misuto tells Ayumi to gather the six pillars and to combine their power by letting them crystallize.
  • Ayumi asks Misuto where he knows this from. Apparently, he’s from some clan similar to the Shinozakis and his father was a shinto priest. Misuto was also Shinozaki Hinoe’s apprentice. (Ayumi the asks “Is this the only relationship you had with my sister?” and for the first time, Misuto seems to lose his cool a bit xD). The plan now looks as follows: Ayumi has to destroy Sachi with the power of the six pillars and after that she can find the core to revive her friends.
  • Ayumi wants Misuto to tell her more about her sister. Misuto says Hinoe was way too gentle for her own good. After the death of his grandfather and the death of his parents, Hinoe took him in and took care of him.
  • Ayumi goes off to search for the pillars. She starts worrying about Yoshiki (hooray for all the shippers!). Lo and behold - Yoshiki stumbles into the room.
  • They find a dog statue, something’s glittering inside its mouth. Ayumi puts her hand into its mouth. Yoshiki saves her before the dog bites. The thing that Ayumi retrieved from it is a pillar’s crystal.
  • The next room they end up in has several occult (?) drawings on the floor. There’s a huge tree in the middle of the room with its root split it half. Six spirits appear and leave behind a crystal.
  • The next jewel is hidden in an - for lack of a better word - oversized white pile of “poop” (or softcream, as Yoshiki puts it). When Ayumi takes the jewel, the poop grows human hands and loud circus music starts playing. Yoshiki manages to pull her out of the poop.
  • Satoshi and Naomi find out that both Yoshiki and Ayumi have gone missing and conclude that they must be in Heavenly Host. Also, a huge black sun suddenly appears in the sky (I bet the real cause of the nehan’s crumbling walls is because Ayumi and Yoshiki have started removing the crystals. The stuff about Sachi might be a lie fabricated by Misuto). Satoshi and Naomi try the Sachiko ritual but it doesn’t work.
  • Upon returning home, Satoshi sees that his home has been remodeled into an onsen (XD Kuon-sensei’s doing, of course, she’s so rich and smitten with him that her generosity knows no bounds) Cue some fanservice moments with Yuka, her friend Mizuhara Satsuki and Kuon-sensei in the onsen (note that Kuon-sensei is very skinny - something is obviously wrong with her body). Kuon-sensei admits to Satoshi that she wants to protect him and that she…loves him (O___O). Satoshi kind of rejects her (“I don’t know anything about you!”). A few moments later, Kuon’s clock starts rewinding (it is not known yet what this clock is measuring).
  • Ayumi and Yoshiki find another crystal in the depth of the swimming pool. The pool water then turns into blood and tentacles attack them. They are rescued by Magali who takes the crystal in the pool. She then introduces herself as their enemy and warns them against further irritating the nehan (apparently, the crystals aren’t something you should toy with). Magali disappears, Yoshiki chases after her and Ayumi is left alone again.
  • Chapter 4 closes with Misuto in the real world. He’s holding a copy of the book of shadows (it’s his late grandfather’s) in his hands.

[Summary Chapter 5]

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R.I.P. Hirari



I just heard that the yuri magazine Hirari will no longer be published. It’s the second magazine after Tsubomi that the yuri fandom is losing…

I feel kind of empty and sad.


Under One Roof. Kase-san. The Princess’s Mirror. Various one-shots by Amagakure Gido. I can’t live without them. You can’t replace quality manga like these.