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I’m just going to spam yumikuri until spoiler week ends. This time it’s one of my all-time favorite yumikuri music videos. It’s a bit older and came out after the Utgard arc but it’s still very beautiful.

(Rough and probably sometimes inaccurate) translation under the cut


I’m still alive.
It happened on that morning.
The sky looked dirty and foul
It was the worst kind of feeling
On that day
I stole food from someone
I fled and hid in a church
and happened to overhear a conversation there
"Let’s just kill her"
They said terrible things
I was shocked
Does that mean there’s someone out there who’s just like me?
No matter who, anyone would despair
Just what kind of person is she?


After that, I became a trainee
At the beginning
it was only curiosity
"You. You’re Christa, right?" (it isn’t even your real name)
"My name is…"
You’re the same as me, right?
You certainly
hate this world
more than anyone else
"It’s a beautiful name."


It was a sad but beautiful smile
After that I spent more time with Christa
It seemed like this girl was
exceedingly kind to other people
"What are you doing?"
No matter how many times I said it
you wouldn’t stop
To be honest it was annoying
the you who’s like that
I’ve noticed one thing…
"Thank you very much."
…no matter what
your smile was the only thing
that didn’t annoy me

Hey, Christa
even though it’s idiotic
when I was with you
I found myself wondering
if I had met you back then
would the me who’s like this
be able to smile like you?
Even though the world’s this boring
I want to keep living with you…
"Hey, Ymir…"
"Are you doing this for me?"
"Why would you go this far?"
"I’m doing this for my own sake."
"I’m glad…"
Why would you have such an expression


Is this really how you feel?
That even if you die
no one will be sad?
really glad that I was born
That’s why my last wish is for you
"to live with your head held high"


I’m still alive.
…you’re crying, Christa
Come on, cheer up
For some reason
the sky looks very beautiful today.


my curse


my curse

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Pls look at this



"You’re Ymir, the person with the worst personality imaginable, don’t you forget that!"

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"i need another shirt"

Asker Anonymous Asks:
hi do you go to 4chan often and do you take drawing requests
lpzwei lpzwei Said:

Hello, anon! I am on /a/ mostly for SnK spoiler weeks but I also visit threads when there’s a series I really like (for example Nagi no Asukara threads back when it was still airing). I have never done drawing requests before and I guess it depends on what kind of request it is. If I like your request and it’s feasible for me, I’ll do it! :) 

These are probably the two most painful moments for me in the entire series (so far). Chapter 41, in which Ymir lets go of the tower to save Christa. Chapter 50, in which Ymir apologizes and leaves with Bertholdt and Reiner.

I don’t know how I’ll react when season two comes out and I see these scenes animated. In color. With voices. And background music.

One of the things that vex me the most is that I always find mistakes in my doodles after posting them. For example in my last 4koma, I drew Ymir’s arm naked in the third panel while Ymir’s clearly wearing long sleeves in the fourth panel. And by the time I correct the mistake, the old version has already been reblogged. I seriously need to train my eyes better, so that they can discover mistakes before I post them. Or I’ll just wait a day or two after completing a doodle, to give my eyes more time, so to speak /lies down

I’ve also gone through my posts and organized them a bit (i.e. added some tags here and there). The only untagged posts are text posts like the one I’m writing now because I don’t know how to tag them. Links to tagged entries have now been added to my tumblr page.

yeah my OCD is kicking in again