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When kiss, close your eyes!!!!

Just caught up with the latest SnK chapters…what a ride.

I like how the survey corps is battling the government right now, but at the same time, I miss the “old SnK” a little. I’ve had similar feelings about a series back when I was reading the last volume of Harry Potter and the focus of the story suddenly changed from “Horcruxes” to “Deathly Hallows”. The same thing is about to happen to SnK - we’ve been looking at the central military police instead of titans ever since BRY escaped. I partially blame the long wait for the chapters that I got this impression. It’s probably okay when you read twenty or thirty chapters in one go because the government is an important piece in the mosaic that forms the truth behind the titans’ existence. Maybe that old Snk feel will return again once the other missing pieces are reintroduced, like BRAY’s side of the story, Grisha Jäger’s basement and monkey titan.

Until then - don’t die, Erwin.



I found this somewhere and just too many feels. (It’s like 10x sadder while listening to the song)
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tea, pastries, and jams because Bonnibel science’d too hard


kinda orrowed marceline’s outfit from “Heart” (Emily Partridge) becausecutesorry

Jean and Eren team up to save Christa. Nice!

Sasha, Marco and Armin as strategic heads. Wow!

Annie and Mikasa disarm the thieves. Best moment of the entire episode!

After the rather disappointing second episode (too cracky for me), this one definitely surprised me. The only thing I didn’t like is that Christa was the one who got kidnapped. Considering her character type, it sort of makes sense that she got kidnapped, but still…! I also fail to understand why they left out Ymir when they had no trouble including Mina, Thomas, Marco and even freaking Dazz.

On a totally unrelated note: No Zankyou no Terror this week. I’m sad ;_; I have enjoyed every single episode of it so far which cannot be said for other summer 2014 series. Aldnoah went a little downhill with the latest developments and Sabagebu’s latest episode was a little weird. Hanayamata…I’m like two weeks behind with it (can’t get used to Tami’s voice) and Yama no Susume is always playing in the background when I’m doing something else. The only other summer series I’m up-tp-date with is Sailor Moon Crystal thanks to its biweekly schedule.


this is the gayest thing I’ve ever read

Holy cow I’m dying. I didn’t know you could do something this cute with picktams!

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I'm gonna make this an unusual one: Yazawa Nico!
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send me a character and I’ll tell you one thing I have in common with them:

Nico-nico-niii ~ we both love Makiii! /gets shot


I saw this meme on plurk (someone was drawing a beautiful yumikuri version of it) and thought I’d share this here - maybe some fanartists will find joy and inspiration in these 10 scenarios xD

Yuri Meme

1. Doing nails/doing each others hair/helping the other to put on or remove makeup

2. Buying underwear together

3. Simultaneous menstrual cycles

4. The teaching of pads

5. Comparing cup sizes

6. Girl’s talk

7. It’s fine because we’re both girls

8. Exchanging diaries

9. More than best friends

10. Don’t need a prince